Saturday, September 09, 2006

JIMM Anniversary, Changes

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3 weeks since the last show, so 60 warm, juicy minutes of the Journey Inside My Mind! Including:

United Silent Actors Foundation, shout-outs, audio feedback about the 1-year anniversary and more, what the teacher says vs what she means, homeschooling, work situation, the future of this podcast, and look - a CD giveaway contest!
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Anniversary Contest - Song Endings

Thanks to the Official Safety Officer of Journey Inside My Mind, Rich Palmer, aka host of the Audio Gumshoe podcast...

I have in my possession a brand-new copy of "Sing a Song for Safety", which contains 12 entertaining songs about safety, written just for kids. Parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, people of all ages - this CD will be a great addition to your collection. Head over to to find out how to buy your own copy. Or you can get it from CD Baby.

In the show, I played a montage of 10 song endings of songs I've played over the past year. The table below provides links to the JIMM episodes in which the songs were played. All you have to do is send me an email to danimal0416 at gmail dot com with the word "Contest" in the subject line, and include the Artist and Song Title for each clip. If you want further hints, send me an email and I'll give them to you as well.

Clip NumberEpisode(s)
115, 48
24, 12, 46
821, 30

Promos Played

Teknikal Diffikulties
UML in 7 Minutes

Music Played (incl bkgd tracks)

"Intro to Carmina Burana" by Orff, public domain track, via the Internet Archive
"Esperanza" - Sophia "The Rock Goddess" Ramos [PMN], [buy the Her Majesty CD from CD Baby]
"BAM_Discofunk" - Pierre Journel [PMN]
"It's Your Theme Song" - Jeff Shields, Podcast Troubadour [PMN]
"Booty Voodoo" - Lee Coulter [PMN], [buy the Listen Hear CD from CD Baby]
"Celebration" - Mark Heimonen [PMN]
"The Dudes in the Car" - Vincent Van Go Go [PMN]
"Last of the Superheroes" - American Heartbreak [PMN], [buy the American Heartbreak CD from Amazon]
"Remember When" - Carlos Tabora [PMN]
"911 Handles All" - Rich Palmer [PMN], [buy the Sing a Song for Safety CD from CD Baby]
"shortpiece-uptempo-sat05aug2006" - garymusik
"I Still Remember" - Jim Fidler [PMN], [buy the Midnight Rover CD from CD Baby]
"White Feather" - Phil Ayoub [PMN], [buy the Schoolbus Window Paper Heart CD from CD Baby]
"sliding forward" - general fuzz [PMN]
"Weather Channel" - Up Stairs [PMN]
"shortpiece-downtempo-sun20aug2006" - garymusik
"The Next Chapter" - Friction Bailey [PMN], [hear more Friction Bailey on the Tengo Yellow Pedal CD from CD Baby]

PMN = Podsafe Music Network

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