Saturday, April 29, 2006

JIMM 46 - Super Rock Mix

Stick this podcast in your ears!

Get ready for one, long mix of rock songs from the Podsafe Music Network. Here's an episode you may want to burn onto a CD to play over and over.

I've tweaked, massaged, and otherwise manipulated these 14 tracks into an hour's worth of audio entertainment. Sandwiched in between the intro and some listener feedback at the end, you'll find close to 50 minutes of non-stop music.

Here's what's in store for your ears:

1. "Torn Down" - Sophia Ramos
2. "No One Understands" - Berman
3. "Encounter" - Forever Changed (via Eastwest Records)
4. "Mercury in Retrograde" - The Reverse Engineers
5. "Remember" - Black Lab
6. "Heidi" - The Bombhappies
7. "Dynamite Lady" - the golden gods
8. "Not the Only One" - Hotrod Cadets
9. "Less Than Beautiful" - Headrush
10. "Hey Hey Sister" - Laura Clapp
11. "Long Night" - Fiasco
12. "podpeople" - munk
13. "New Day" - Nate McDonough
14. "latin groove" - a.b.e (anthems of a bygone era) (during listener feedback)

Thanks to all of you for listening and for the following listeners who sent in feedback this week:
1. Jon, aka the Official Cheesehead, from the Tanfastic Podcast
2. Ed, aka the Official Audio Commenter, from Ed's Mixed Bag, who also produced the outro
3. Mike from the iRiver and 6620 West Kidcast podcasts


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Visit the links above to find more information about the artists whose music I've played. Contact them and tell them you heard their music on this podcast.

I've created an iMix of the songs played that were available at iTunes, where, for $7.92, you can purchase the songs in one fell swoop:

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