Sunday, January 29, 2006

JIMM 33 - Play That Funky Music


Hey folks! It's a new microphone and headset and a different way to produce the podcast. Bear with me for awhile as I iron out the kinks; believe me there are some in this show. Update: I've described more technically what happened here.

Listening options:

Show breakdown:
Podcaster at work
Podcaster at work,
originally uploaded by danimal0416.

- SHOUT-OUT: Mike from 6620 West Kidcast
- New production set-up; Audacity and
PodProducer simultaneously, mistakes and
ramblings amuck!
- switching back and forth from Stereo Mix
and Microphone on Recording Control
- PODSAFE: "Factory" - Junkstar (PMN page)
- definition of "funk"
- PROMO: "Police on the Scene with a Crime
Prevention Lean
- PODSAFE: "People" - Natives of the New
(PMN page)
- So many ways to listen to podcasts
- Adam Curry CD Intro
- PROMO/SPOOF: "6620 West Kidcast -
Podfather/Godfather Parody"
- SWEEPER: Keisha-outside
- Mike from 6620 West Kidcast and the new
iRiver podcast
- Ryo Sode - thanks for playing his music
- Rich Palmer and his Home Safe 411
- Jon, the Official Cheesehead, from the
Tanfastic podcast, on how he produces his show
- Ed, from Ed's Mixed Bag, on how he
produces his podcast
- Dan called the hotline to share some msgs
found at the gas station
- Call the Listener Hotline: (206) 666 - JIMM
- PROMO/SPOOF: "Insytworks - Bland Media
- PODSAFE: "Last Toast" - Graham English (I said Fear the Monk on the show - what the heck was I thinking?) (PMN page)
- SAFETY TIP: "Stupid Criminals" - Police on the Scene with a Crime
Prevention Lean

- Don't Instant Message while Stereo Mix is on - the Windows Event sounds get recorded, too!
- PODSAFE: "Act Upon My Love" - Slau (PMN page)
- SWEEPER: Jennie-jungle
- Purchasing songs - Podsafe Music Network vs. iTunes
- SWEEPER: Keisha says, "Make it a great
day and so long for now."

PMN = Podsafe Music Network

Monday, January 23, 2006

JIMM 32 - I C U Shiver with Anticipation


Listening options:

PODSAFE: "I Want To Hear What You Have Got To Say" - The Subways (PMN page)
PODSAFE: "How to Succeed in Symphony" - Josh Woodward (PMN page)
PROMO: "Rhythm Angel's Rockin' Blast Cast"
PODSAFE: "Had a Plan, Had to Change It" - Derek K. Miller (PMN page) (background for Listener Feedback)
PODSAFE: "Be Here Tonight" - The Reverse Engineers (PMN page)
PODSAFE: "Peeper Brand Motor Cars" - Peeper Radio Theatre (PMN page)
PODSAFE: "Zen Thing" - ryo sode (PMN page)

We also shared a recipe for a snack that Keisha made, called "Smooth and Bumpy". Basically, you take two containers of yogurt, from two different flavors, and mix in some chocolate/peanut butter chips. Very tasty, as evidenced by our reactions.

We got a car!

1993 Saturn SL2 #1
Originally uploaded by danimal0416.

Big props to
  •, for $24.99 you get unlimited VIN searches (background checks on cars) for 30 days
  • Jon, aka the Official Cheesehead, from the Tanfastic Podcast
  • Rich Palmer's Miami Valley Musicast - especially the episode with the Doug Hart Band
  • Mike and the rest of the Terry family at the 6620 West Kidcast
  • My high school buddy Larry, who mentioned that Carson Palmer, quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals, has his own weblog
  • all the artists who've sent me music to be played or who've given permission for me to play their music
  • You, the listener, for hanging in there with me as we take a Journey Inside My Mind!
Show your support:
  • Make yourself known by posting to the Journey Inside My Mind Frappr map!
  • Call the Listener Hotline: (206) 666-JIMM (5466) (Kids get permission from your folks because it's a long-distance phone call)
  • Send an email to danimal0416 at gmail dot com
  • Leave a comment here

Update: Want to hear more podsafe rock music? Check out the Podsafe Music Network: Rock genre

PMN = Podsafe Music Network

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Friday, January 13, 2006

JIMM 31 - I Feel It Too


direct link to show (mp3, 40:44, 27.9 MB)

Listen with the PuPu player! (see links section)
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Songs played:

PODSAFE: "Fruitless" - Clumsy (PMN page)
PODSAFE: "Take Time for Da Tub" - Derek K. Miller (PMN page)
PODSAFE: "Last Night" - Stingray (PMN page)
PODSAFE: "Silent Treatment" - P.W. Fenton and the Second Ward (PMN page)
PODSAFE: "I Feel It Too" - The Hipnotics (PMN page)

During the introduction we were interrupted by "Mr. Bluesman", who came to sing a "Happy Blog Birthday" song, to celebrate that I've been blogging for 4 whole years. We're very, very sorry that you had to hear that.

We spent some time swimming around the mailbag, and we mentioned the following podcasts that have helped provide exposure to Journey Inside My Mind:

I also mentioned some of the artists who've been sending me e-mails to get their music played. Requests are good!

Please keep me and my family in your thoughts and prayers, if you're so inclined.

Also, please check out the main Journey Inside My Mind blog for updates throughout the week, including podcast-related updates.

Update: want to hear some more blues music?
PMN = Podsafe Music Network

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

JIMM 30 - Jazzmania 3


Hey there everybody! This is the first podcast of Journey Inside My Mind for 2006! Thanks to everyone listening for your support.

How to listen:

Show breakdown:

GREETING: Rich Palmer (PMN page) from the Miami Valley Musicast wishes everyone a Happy New Year

OPENING THEME: I should have a giveaway contest related to it - who knows what movies these clips came from?

What the Journey Inside My Mind podcast is all about

The magazine analogy to describe what podcast is

How it's going with me lately

FAKE AD: Ramen Pride noodles

PODSAFE: "January" - Kelly Goodlad (PMN page)

PODSAFE: "Oaxaca" (pronounced "wa-HA-ka") - Simpatico (PMN page)

PROMO: Le Jazz Affair

PODSAFE: "Sweet Blossom" - Robin Stine (PMN page)

PROMO: Seattle Jazz Scene on Red Raspus Radio

Closing thoughts

PMN = Podsafe Music Network

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