Friday, December 30, 2005

JIMM 29 - Year End Review


Welcome to the last Journey Inside My Mind podcast for 2005! Thank you all so much for listening, and a warm welcome to any new listeners.

direct link to show (mp3, 51:59, 35.6 MB)

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Dan Podcasting
Dan Podcasting,
originally uploaded by danimal0416.
SWEEPER: (Forrest Gump) "My mama always said [Journey Inside My Mind] was like a box of chocolates: you never know what you're gonna get."
SONG: Gidgets Ga Ga - "Spirit of the Season", via e-mail from the band

Presenting the free Pupu player that lets you listen to the podcast by streaming episodes in a separate window - pretty fast on dialup connections, too.

PODSAFE: "Nice" - Jennifer Helane PMN page
SHOUT-OUT: Karen, the Official Goof of Journey Inside My Mind
PODSAFE: "Did You Think" - Adrina Thorpe PMN page

We gave Adrina's CD "Elusive" to the Official Mom and also Keisha's teacher for Christmas.

PROMO: JIMM 16 - Cheryl Dawson Memorial Walk-a-thon
PODSAFE: "Meant To Be" - Rob Costlow (PMN page), used as background music during the promo

PROMO: JIMM podcast, introducing the Dayton band Murmur
background is "Instead of Goodbye (live)" - Murmur official site
PODSAFE: "Instead of Goodbye" - Murmur PMN page

PODSAFE: "People Podcast" - Natives of the New Dawn (PMN page)
PSA: Call the Listener Hotline with requests, comments, or suggestions. PODSAFE: a.b.e (anthems of a bygone era) (PMN page), used as background music during the spot
PODSAFE: "Baja Taxi" - Brain Buckit (PMN page)

PODSAFE: "In the Circle" - Hungry Lucy (PMN page)
PSA: Matthew Ebel's album "Beer and Coffee" is available at his website
PODSAFE: "Trees" - Matthew Ebel (PMN page)

Next show will be Jazzmania 3

PODSAFE: "No Use Denying" - The Cool Waters Band PMN page
SWEEPER: Keisha says, "Make it a great day, and so long for now."

Please let these musicians know you've heard their music on the Journey Inside My Mind podcast. THANKS!

PMN = Podsafe Music Network

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Noelle Rocks (video)


direct link (mpg, 11 MB, 1:01)

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In this short video clip, recorded 24 Dec 2005, in our car, Keisha helps her My Scene doll Noelle to rock to the intro of "No Use Denying" by The Cool Waters Band (Podsafe Music Network page).

Look for this song to be played in its entirety in this week's year-in-review podcast around Wednesday or Thursday.

Feel free to look around. Check out the main blog: for non-podcast post updates throughout the week.

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

JIMM 28 - Christmas Memories


Merry Christmas, everybody!

SWEEPER: "Journey Inside My Mind - some assembly required."
PODSAFE: Gidgets Ga Ga (PMN page) - "Christmas Wish"
PODSAFE: Jim Fidler - "I Still Remember" (PMN page)(used as background for entire show, repeated)

STORY: Battleship peg
Be careful what you put in your ears: Ear buds - good. Battleship pegs - bad.
HOLIDAY GREETING: Miami Valley Musicast
HOLIDAY GREETING: Ed's Mixed Bag holiday wishes to Journey Inside My Mind listeners
PODSAFE: Candy Butchers (PMN page)- "Give Me A Second Chance This Christmas"

COMMENT: Official Mom - being a Santa's helper - 6 Million Dollar Man action figure ( entry) | (wikipedia entry)
HOLIDAY GREETING: 101 Uses for Baby Wipes
SWEEPER: "Journey Inside My Mind: some contents may have settled during shipment."
PODSAFE: Peeper Radio Theatre (PMN page) - "RoboSanta"

STORY: Keisha's best Christmas memory/Signing Santa
HOLIDAY GREETING: Audio Collective Podcast
PROMO: Lynn Parson's Christmas show available Thursday, Dec 22nd!
SWEEPER: "Hi! This is Keisha. You're listening to Journey Inside My Mind with my Daddy, Dan Johnson."
PODSAFE: Number One Fan (PMN page) - "Christmas Is Here"

COMMENT: Official Mom - Dan playing with manger scene
SWEEPER/STATION ID: Peeper radio/"Journey Inside My Mind" (whisper)
STORY: 12 Gifts at Christmas
LISTENER HOTLINE: Call (206) 666-JIMM to leave a comment or a suggestion
STORY: First Christmas tree
PODSAFE: Beatrice Ericsson (PMN page) - "Christmas Without You" (country music from Sweden)

Closing thoughts

PODSAFE: Allison Crowe (PMN page) - "Silent Night"
Keisha says, "Make it a great day, and so long for now."

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

JIMM 27 - Poetry and Sickness


direct link to the show (mp3, 30:30, 20.9 MB)

corresponding OurMedia link:

00:16 PODSAFE: Dusty Hughes (PMN page) - "I Saw Three Ships"
01:50 "What happens when a man goes through his own portal? We'll see."
02:14 FEEDBACK: Official Mom says, "sometimes when I'm listening to Journey Inside My Mind, I'm READING about Journey Inside My Mind."

03:12 Feed URL is
03:35 Feed referenced at Yahoo! Podcasts and over at Podcast Alley are referring to an obsolete feed, which means that it's not showing the most current episodes.
03:59 Been sick - upper respiratory infection, viral
04:28 Meetings about Keisha
05:04 Run-down of the show, all pre-announced

06:55 PSA: Fire safety during the holidays via Home Safe 411 podcast
07:20 Intro to Keisha reading poems
07:55 PODSAFE: Brad Sucks (PMN page) - "Sick as a Dog"
11:00 SWEEPER: "Journey Inside My Mind should not be used as a floatation device."
11:05 Keisha reads "December Leaves"
12:20 HOLIDAY GREETING: Derek K. Miller - Penmachine Podcast
12:30 PODSAFE: Derek K. Miller (PMN page) - "We Three Kings"
14:20 SWEEPER: (whispered) "Journey Inside My Mind"
14:25 Keisha reads "Hanukkah Song"
16:40 PROMO: The SG Show
17:03 PSA: Call the Listener Hotline at 206 666 JIMM (206 666 5466)
17:25 PODSAFE: Murmur (PMN page) - "Instead of Goodbye"
20:45 Keisha reads "Hanukkah Rainbow"
21:40 Which of the three poems of those we've read are our favorites
22:05 Still listening?
23:20 Let the artists know you heard their music on the Journey Inside My Mind podcast
23:30 E-mail or call in song requests
24:00 Anyone can become an Official of Journey Inside My Mind, just let me know what office you'd like to hold

25:05 Next week's episode will be about Christmas Memories, so tune in for that one
25:10 PODSAFE: 3 Blind Mice (PMN page) - "Watchstar"
30:28 Keisha says, "Make it a great day, and so long for now."

Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Snow Begins


Movie file: (mpg, 44.6 MB, 4:16)

Audio Only: (mp3, 2.93 MB, 4:16)

This video was shot an hour before I took the picture accompanying the post "That White Stuff". I downloaded it and made it into a short movie. If you're not willing to wait for the video download, I've included an audio-only file.

A corresponding file at OurMedia for the movie is -->

I was able to play the mpg file in Windows Media Player. Let me know what you think!

Song played:

"Chilled" by Marco Raaphorst, via the Podsafe Music Network

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

JIMM 26 - Salvation Army Christmas Cheer


Merry Christmas everybody! In today's show, I'm going to share about my experiences working for the Salvation Army to help spread Christmas cheer.

Direct link to show (mp3, 30:26, 20.8 MB)

Here's the breakdown:

00:08 "Okay man, start it up! Let's get it started, in here!"
00:15 PODSAFE: Number One Fan (PMN page)- "Christmas Is Here"
03:06 "What happens when a man goes through his own portal?"
03:16 PODSAFE (used as background throughout the show): Larry Seyer (PMN page)- "Jingle Jangle"

04:04 Number One Fan recently opened for Green Day at the Nutter Center in Dayton.

04:39 One of the nice things about the cold weather is that you can place items outside to keep them cold if you don't have enough room in your refrigerator.

04:48 Last year I worked for the Salvation Army website at Christmastime, at the Kroger on Needmore Road and the Kroger on Siebenthaler

05:45 Saxophone playing vs. guitar playing, not taking myself too seriously and having a lot of fun with it.

06:59 LISTENER FEEDBACK: Rich Palmer from the Miami Valley Musicast and Home Safe 411 podcast calls the listener hotline with some comments about "JIMM 23 - Play With Fire". He's a safety educator for a fire department in Centerville, Ohio, and while he was listening to the stories, he wasn't sure whether to be angry, to laugh, to cry, or be upset.

While some of the situations described in that podcast were not preventable; some of them were, and while the stories had some entertainment value, hopefully listeners will learn from us. "A wise person learns from their mistakes, but the truly wise learn from the mistakes of others." (Amen to that.)

09:07 SWEEPER: "You're listening to Journey Inside My Mind - Not all who wander are lost."
09:13 PSA: Candle safety during the holidays (Keisha's hair caught on fire from a candle that was placed on the toilet tank - hear about it on JIMM 23 around 36:38)
09:43 Rich Palmer's PMN page (he's got some great safety songs for children I'll have to feature on upcoming podcasts)
10:23 Rich was also one of the artists in the chorus for Podsafe for Peace - "If Every Day Were Christmas"
10:36 Did you get the clip of our cat Zoe in the feed over the weekend? Thanks to the Official Mom for the camera!
11:16 SWEEPER: "No animals were harmed in the production of Journey Inside My Mind podcast."
11:36 Salvation Army gig in Middletown, Ohio 1998.
12:08 First gig with the Salvation Army was in 1993.
13:24 The kettle drive, what the kettle is, etc. How the donations are used.
14:19 1993 gig - From bell ringing to sax playing.
14:59 HOLIDAY GREETING: Scott Fletcher from Podcheck Review - Happy Chr- WHAT?? (LOL)
15:12 PODSAFE: Peeper Radio Theatre - "12 Days of Christmas" (I mispronounced their name on the show)
17:55 PSA: Call the Listener Hotline 206 666 JIMM
18:16 SWEEPER: "Hi, this is Keisha. You're listening to Journey Inside My Mind with my Daddy, Dan Johnson."
18:45 More from the Salvation Army gig. Being at the Madeira Kroger. Cold. Playing music softly inside the store, trying to warm up.
20:06 Mrs. Tanaka gave me some hot chocolate and some cookies.
21:00 The folks at the Madeira Kroger liked "O Holy Night". Playing the song for a packed front section of the store. Applause.
23:27 The photographer from the Cincinnati Enquirer visits me at the Madeira Kroger doing my thing. Pictures taken.
25:15 I got on the front page of the Christmas Eve edition!
26:06 I had no idea the kind of impact the job would have had.
26:26 HOLIDAY GREETING: Alaska Podshow Podcast - podcasting not far from where Santa Claus is!
26:45 Wrapping up the show
27:17 PODSAFE: Friction Bailey - "O Holy Night"

Sunday, December 04, 2005

My First Ever Movie


Hi everyone!

The Official Mom gave us an early Christmas present this past week. While trying to learn how to work it, I captured our cat doing something kinda cute.

The clip itself is one minute long (wmv, 1:05, 958 kB), and it has some opening and closing titles. I put the movie together using Windows Moviemaker. It should play in Windows Media Player okay.

I don't have the lighting down yet, and it shows. Nevertheless, feel free to share it and let me know what you think!

Friday, December 02, 2005

If Every Day Were Christmas



I didn't want to wait to record an entire podcast to make this song available. The song is called "If Every Day Were Christmas" (mp3, 4.20 MB, 4:35), and it's a special benefit song that has a host of artists from the Podsafe Music Network on it.

Produced by Slau and co-written by Orlando Pagan, the idea for this benefit project was initiated by Adam Curry. All proceeds from the sale of this recording will be donated to UNICEF.

Stay tuned for more info!

12/7/2005 Update: the Podsafe for Peace website is up, and you can buy the song.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

JIMM 25 - Game Night


Join us in a game of Uno Attack and listen to some great podsafe music.

Show breakdown (mp3 - 26:10, 18.9 MB):

00:00 25 episodes and counting!
00:40 This podcast is ready for liftoff
00:50 Jill Parr - "Do You Hear What I Hear?"
05:00 Introduction and thanks
07:10 PROMO: Ed's Mixed Bag Holiday Reminder
08:18 Uno Attack, Graeter's Ice Cream, and Stuffy Heads
Cincinnati to You, website where you can order stuff from Cincinnati, like Graeter's ice cream
09:50 PROMO: Tanfastic Podcast
11:05 Figuring out how to play Uno Attack with the card launcher
11:50 PROMO: Podictionary
13:22 Smallfish - "Thank You"
16:40 Call the Listener Feedback Line: 206
17:01 Dan gets attacked by Uno! TWICE!
18:18 "I'm not afraid. I was born to do this."
18:23 Fumitaka Anzai - "Mermaid Song"
22:54 Closing thoughts
23:21 Jonathan Coulton - "Podsafe Christmas Song"
Show Jonathan some love by visiting and letting him know what you think of his music!
25:59 Jennie (my wife) has something to tell me...

Some music from the Podsafe Music Network

Thanks for listening and subscribing!