Sunday, May 14, 2006

JIMM 48 - Happy Mother's Day

Hi there again, folks, it's another episode of the Journey Inside My Mind Podcast!! One listener to the show recently described the show:

I think the name says it all. It is almost a total organic thought process spilling out. Very real. I love it.
By the time you hear this, Mother's Day 2006 will have come and gone. But celebrating motherhood is something that is timeless: we should do it all the time. Am I right or am I right?

In this episode, Keisha and I talk about some things she had done to get ready for Mother's Day this year; specifically, presents she'd made at school to give Jennie. We also talk about a gift we sent to her Nana, the Official Mom of Journey Inside My Mind, as well as some things we appreciate about both of our mothers.

I suppose we could spend days extolling the great things about mothers; but consider this half-hour just a small contribution to that effort.

Update: FYI, Zoe is our cat's name. She likes to eat plants and go after wires. Also, I've revised the blog and feed settings to only show the most recent 25 posts. As I continue to put more episodes out here, the page is taking longer and longer to load. I'm not sure whether only 25 posts is a small enough amount or not. Earlier episodes will be available via the archive pages.

Thanks go out to all the artists whose music I've played. I forgot to mention Kevin Reeves in the show, but he's here in the show. Also thanks to ManlyGeek and Rich Palmer for their audio comments.

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Songs played:Also, be sure to check out Ed's Mixed Bag the weekend before Memorial Day for a nice mix of country music!

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