Monday, January 21, 2008

JIMM 100 - The Longest Journey


+ Sometime in your life you will go on a journey. It will be the longest journey you have ever taken. It is the journey to find yourself. -- Katherine Sharp

Thanks to everyone who submitted comments

+ Steve Webb, Lifespring Media
+ Dwight Dunlop, Much To Do About Nothing
+ The Official Mom
+ Zack Daggy, Mothpod Productions
+ Ed Ovett, Ed's Mixed Bag
+ Maurice Zondag, Sunday Sundown

Songs Played

Music from the Podsafe Music Network

Please check out for complete shownotes, including links to find out more about the artists who've given permission for their music to be played here.

+ Danko Jones, "Baby Hates Me"
+ The Wylde Bunch, "Yeah, Yeah (Stomp the Bleachers)"
+ Josh Woodward, "Adventures of a Deaf Dreamer (instrumental)" (softly in the bkgd during my talking)
+ Matthew Ebel, "Lost My Way" (with a little bit of 'help'? from The Pod 5)
+ The Negatones, "And So My Troubles Began"
+ Karmyn Tyler, "Luv Me So"
+ Last Day, "Chasing Tomorrow"

Other goodness

+ Keep your eyes on for my new interview show, "How I Got My Job" with job-hunting success stories! Contact me if you'd like to share one of your job-hunting success stories
+ Get That Job! job-hunting and career development toolkit
+ The Pod 5 (podcast and live show) consists of
++ Ed Ovett, Ed's Mixed Bag
++ Brent Bradley, PodShow Radio
++ Zack Daggy, The Mothpod
++ Dwight Dunlop, Much To Do About Nothing
++ Daniel Johnson, Jr., Journey Inside My Mind

+ New Media Cincinnati meetup group on Facebook and Twitter
+ Press play.

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Monday, January 07, 2008

Need help with smart playlists in iTunes


I'm looking for help setting up smart playlists in iTunes for music podcasts and other podcasts, respectively. I'd like to get away from having a single smart playlist for everything, but I don't want to have to click on individual items in a podcast to play them on the iPod either.

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