Monday, May 19, 2008

JIMM 107 - Online Typewriter Kitchen Talk



Some talk about online identities, spelling words with a typewriter, and how to cook food faster in the kitchen. Great indie music as usual. Shownotes with archived episodes at


00:08 Daniel Johnson, Jr. - Longest Journey Quote
00:20 Association of Music Podcasting Bumper
00:33 JIMM Theme (Rory, "Up and Go")
01:28 De La Vega (Ivy League), "Breathe"
07:09 Beau Hall, "No Sleep Funk" (used as background throughout the episode)
09:48 JIMM Sweeper - Domains
10:12 Listener Hotline: +1-(206)-666-JIMM (5466)
10:38 Listener Feedback
10:43 Beau Hall, "No Sleep Funk" (bkgd)
15:41 Lovespirals, "Walk Away (Sunburn In Cyprus Remix)"
21:00 Podcamp Ohio Promo #1
22:03 Beau Hall, "No Sleep Funk" (bkgd)
27:28 Podcamp Ohio Promo #2
29:33 DJ Eric Ill - JIMM Shout-Out
29:38 Keisha and Jennie segment, bkgd music:
DJ Eric Ill and SEO, "Give It Up"
37Hz, "Just Beats"
MoShang, "Dragonbeat"
45:19 Beau Hall, "No Sleep Funk" (bkgd)
47:10 Make It A Great Day!

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Music from the Podsafe Music Network (PMN) and other places.

CleanUp! utility that Jennie and I talked about.

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

FREE Music Available from The Alice Project!


THIS JUST IN! I just released episode 106 this morning. A few hours later, I received this email:

Thanks for playing our HAVING A GREAT DAY song.
BTW... it's available along with our Mother's Day song as a FREE DOWNLOAD from our myspace page...

Feel free to spread the good will...
Log in to your MySpace account and get both of these songs. Thanks again, Alice, for making your music available!

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JIMM 106 - Happy Mother's Day!



Listener feedback, New Media Cincinnati updates, and celebrating mothers!

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Music from the Podsafe Music Network (PMN)

Happy Mother's Day to mothers everywhere!

Listener FeedbackNew Media Cincinnati UpdatePodcamp Ohio is June 28, 2008!Celebrating Mothers
  • Keisha shares about her Mommy, Nana, Grandma, and Grandma Linda
  • Jennie shares about her Mom and about being a mother to Keisha
  • I share about my Mom (aka the Official Mom of Journey Inside My Mind) and about Jennie being Keisha's Mommy
Music Played

Special thanks to all the independent artists who've let their music be played on this episode! (via Link-Love
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