Wednesday, January 04, 2006

JIMM 30 - Jazzmania 3

Hey there everybody! This is the first podcast of Journey Inside My Mind for 2006! Thanks to everyone listening for your support.

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Show breakdown:

GREETING: Rich Palmer (PMN page) from the Miami Valley Musicast wishes everyone a Happy New Year

OPENING THEME: I should have a giveaway contest related to it - who knows what movies these clips came from?

What the Journey Inside My Mind podcast is all about

The magazine analogy to describe what podcast is

How it's going with me lately

FAKE AD: Ramen Pride noodles

PODSAFE: "January" - Kelly Goodlad (PMN page)

PODSAFE: "Oaxaca" (pronounced "wa-HA-ka") - Simpatico (PMN page)

PROMO: Le Jazz Affair

PODSAFE: "Sweet Blossom" - Robin Stine (PMN page)

PROMO: Seattle Jazz Scene on Red Raspus Radio

Closing thoughts

PMN = Podsafe Music Network

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