Saturday, November 19, 2005

JIMM 23 - Play with Fire

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This week we're going to do something we've never done before, "play with fire". Over the past week or so, I've collected some stories about me, my wife, and our daughter that I'm going to share with you. They all involve fire. Fire is very attractive, useful, but also dangerous. Some of these stories will be a bit humorous while other may not be as humorous.

Here's the breakdown:

0:00 Opening theme
1:42 Introduction and housekeeping notes
3:02 Teenage Irony (Dan) | music: Black Adam - "Fire Night"
my dad was a lieutenant in the fire department
6:38 Back Porch (Jennie) | music: Brain Buckit - "Baja Taxi"
panic means common sense goes out the door to the back porch
14:20 Burnt Offering (Dan) | music: Jim Fidler - "Friendly Fire Epilogue"
i guess i relied too much on my car
21:47 Middletown Apartment (Dan) | music: Planet of Women - "Waking Up The Neighborhood"
glad our neighbors were looking out for us
28:04 Official Mom Shout-Out
28:14 Call the Listener Hotline
28:37 Stoking the Fire (Dan) | music: De La Vega - "Let It Burn"
the song says it all
32:30 Intro to Keisha's story
32:55 Keisha's Story (Dan, Keisha, Jennie) | music: Vivek Shraya - "Fire and Fall",
36:38 Keisha's Story (cont'd) | music: Hungry Lucy - "In the Circle"
here's an illustrative lesson on how not to decorate your home
40:36 Closing comments
40:57 Outro - Dan puts Keisha to bed
this tradition is one my mom started with us kids when we were little
Music played was from the Podsafe Music Network

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