Wednesday, December 07, 2005

JIMM 26 - Salvation Army Christmas Cheer

Merry Christmas everybody! In today's show, I'm going to share about my experiences working for the Salvation Army to help spread Christmas cheer.

Direct link to show (mp3, 30:26, 20.8 MB)

Here's the breakdown:

00:08 "Okay man, start it up! Let's get it started, in here!"
00:15 PODSAFE: Number One Fan (PMN page)- "Christmas Is Here"
03:06 "What happens when a man goes through his own portal?"
03:16 PODSAFE (used as background throughout the show): Larry Seyer (PMN page)- "Jingle Jangle"

04:04 Number One Fan recently opened for Green Day at the Nutter Center in Dayton.

04:39 One of the nice things about the cold weather is that you can place items outside to keep them cold if you don't have enough room in your refrigerator.

04:48 Last year I worked for the Salvation Army website at Christmastime, at the Kroger on Needmore Road and the Kroger on Siebenthaler

05:45 Saxophone playing vs. guitar playing, not taking myself too seriously and having a lot of fun with it.

06:59 LISTENER FEEDBACK: Rich Palmer from the Miami Valley Musicast and Home Safe 411 podcast calls the listener hotline with some comments about "JIMM 23 - Play With Fire". He's a safety educator for a fire department in Centerville, Ohio, and while he was listening to the stories, he wasn't sure whether to be angry, to laugh, to cry, or be upset.

While some of the situations described in that podcast were not preventable; some of them were, and while the stories had some entertainment value, hopefully listeners will learn from us. "A wise person learns from their mistakes, but the truly wise learn from the mistakes of others." (Amen to that.)

09:07 SWEEPER: "You're listening to Journey Inside My Mind - Not all who wander are lost."
09:13 PSA: Candle safety during the holidays (Keisha's hair caught on fire from a candle that was placed on the toilet tank - hear about it on JIMM 23 around 36:38)
09:43 Rich Palmer's PMN page (he's got some great safety songs for children I'll have to feature on upcoming podcasts)
10:23 Rich was also one of the artists in the chorus for Podsafe for Peace - "If Every Day Were Christmas"
10:36 Did you get the clip of our cat Zoe in the feed over the weekend? Thanks to the Official Mom for the camera!
11:16 SWEEPER: "No animals were harmed in the production of Journey Inside My Mind podcast."
11:36 Salvation Army gig in Middletown, Ohio 1998.
12:08 First gig with the Salvation Army was in 1993.
13:24 The kettle drive, what the kettle is, etc. How the donations are used.
14:19 1993 gig - From bell ringing to sax playing.
14:59 HOLIDAY GREETING: Scott Fletcher from Podcheck Review - Happy Chr- WHAT?? (LOL)
15:12 PODSAFE: Peeper Radio Theatre - "12 Days of Christmas" (I mispronounced their name on the show)
17:55 PSA: Call the Listener Hotline 206 666 JIMM
18:16 SWEEPER: "Hi, this is Keisha. You're listening to Journey Inside My Mind with my Daddy, Dan Johnson."
18:45 More from the Salvation Army gig. Being at the Madeira Kroger. Cold. Playing music softly inside the store, trying to warm up.
20:06 Mrs. Tanaka gave me some hot chocolate and some cookies.
21:00 The folks at the Madeira Kroger liked "O Holy Night". Playing the song for a packed front section of the store. Applause.
23:27 The photographer from the Cincinnati Enquirer visits me at the Madeira Kroger doing my thing. Pictures taken.
25:15 I got on the front page of the Christmas Eve edition!
26:06 I had no idea the kind of impact the job would have had.
26:26 HOLIDAY GREETING: Alaska Podshow Podcast - podcasting not far from where Santa Claus is!
26:45 Wrapping up the show
27:17 PODSAFE: Friction Bailey - "O Holy Night"


Scott said...

Dan! Hey guy, thanks for playing the holiday greetings from !

Holiday cheers to you and your family, and if I bump into Santa, I will be sure to get an interview for your daughter...

Cheers all the from Alaska,
Scott Slone

sg said...

Along the lines of what Scott just said...thanks for playing Friction Bailey. We feel the love...and we like how that feels.



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