Thursday, December 22, 2005

JIMM 28 - Christmas Memories

Merry Christmas, everybody!

SWEEPER: "Journey Inside My Mind - some assembly required."
PODSAFE: Gidgets Ga Ga (PMN page) - "Christmas Wish"
PODSAFE: Jim Fidler - "I Still Remember" (PMN page)(used as background for entire show, repeated)

STORY: Battleship peg
Be careful what you put in your ears: Ear buds - good. Battleship pegs - bad.
HOLIDAY GREETING: Miami Valley Musicast
HOLIDAY GREETING: Ed's Mixed Bag holiday wishes to Journey Inside My Mind listeners
PODSAFE: Candy Butchers (PMN page)- "Give Me A Second Chance This Christmas"

COMMENT: Official Mom - being a Santa's helper - 6 Million Dollar Man action figure ( entry) | (wikipedia entry)
HOLIDAY GREETING: 101 Uses for Baby Wipes
SWEEPER: "Journey Inside My Mind: some contents may have settled during shipment."
PODSAFE: Peeper Radio Theatre (PMN page) - "RoboSanta"

STORY: Keisha's best Christmas memory/Signing Santa
HOLIDAY GREETING: Audio Collective Podcast
PROMO: Lynn Parson's Christmas show available Thursday, Dec 22nd!
SWEEPER: "Hi! This is Keisha. You're listening to Journey Inside My Mind with my Daddy, Dan Johnson."
PODSAFE: Number One Fan (PMN page) - "Christmas Is Here"

COMMENT: Official Mom - Dan playing with manger scene
SWEEPER/STATION ID: Peeper radio/"Journey Inside My Mind" (whisper)
STORY: 12 Gifts at Christmas
LISTENER HOTLINE: Call (206) 666-JIMM to leave a comment or a suggestion
STORY: First Christmas tree
PODSAFE: Beatrice Ericsson (PMN page) - "Christmas Without You" (country music from Sweden)

Closing thoughts

PODSAFE: Allison Crowe (PMN page) - "Silent Night"
Keisha says, "Make it a great day, and so long for now."

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