Sunday, March 26, 2006

JIMM 41 - Not Much to Say


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This week's show is a bit of a departure for me in that it features only instrumental music (hence the title). I also included a clip from the podictionary podcast about weather, since we've had a wacky week of weather here in southwest Ohio.

"Clouds or Smoke" - Derek K. Miller
AUDIO CLIP - "weather" - Podictionary podcast (Thanks, Charles, for letting me play it!)
"Noise" - dreamfresh
"Galapagos" - Scott Helm
"Raining Colors" - Torchomatic
"Leaving" - 2-RD

Be sure to stick around for some silliness at the very end!

Thanks for listening!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

JIMM 40 - The Feel Good Show


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It's been a frustrating week so far for me, dealing with work hassles and waiting to feel the full benefit of the lumbar injection I got last week, if it indeed does come. Feeling really uncomfortable right now.

Thanks so much, by the way to all of you who are keeping me in your thoughts and prayers. I was cheered from hearing Jon, the Official Cheesehead, from the Tanfastic podcast, mention me in his last show. I have the best listeners!

So, for this week's podcast, I chose some music to lift my spirit up. Hopefully it'll do the same for you.

I mentioned earlier this week that we're going to Columbus this weekend (Tom's neck of the woods!) for a conference for families with children who are deaf or hard of hearing. I hope to get some audio from the conference and be able to share it with you. Maybe not so much from the speakers or other people we'll meet as audio from us. This is really the first time we've all gotten away from home together in awhile, so it's like a mini-vacation for us.

I've been in touch with Rich Palmer of Audio Gumshoe, who recently won the signed Brother Love CD. I'm definitely looking forward to getting together so we can chat about podcasting and other stuff. And give him the CD in person. :D

Speaking of Brother Love, I so wish I could get to New York City on April 6th, because he'll be playing at Arlene's Grocery on 95 Stanton Street. Also, he's actively working on putting together a music video for "Summertime", which I played back on JIMM 36. If you have any short digital video clips of your summertime memories, he wants you to send it to him at brotherlove [at] brotherloverocks [dot] com before Noon on April 15, 2006.

"Good Day" - Natives of the New Dawn | buy the Need Something CD from CD Baby
AUDIO CLIP: Keisha and I discuss a clip of a floating dog we found on the Coverville podcast website from January.
"Cold as Ice" - Edwin Derricutt | buy the Symmetry CD from CD Baby
AUDIO CLIP: Odeo from Scott Fletcher from the PodCheck Review
AUDIO CLIP: Odeo from Bruce Murray from the Zedcast
AUDIO CLIP: Jennie and I share an idea about a walk/don't walk sign for squirrels that cross the street
"Ain't It Good To Be Alive" - Griddle
| buy the Turning Violet CD from CD Baby
"Things Are Looking Up" - American Heartbreak | buy the American Heartbreak CD on Amazon

Thanks for listening!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

JIMM 39 - Giving Love Away



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Congratulations to Rich Palmer from the Miami Valley Musicast for winning the Journey Inside My Mind Theme contest! He wins a signed copy of Brother Love's "Album of the Year".

PODSAFE (used as background while contest winner being drawn): "Had a Plan, Had to Change It" - Derek K. Miller from the Penmachine Podcast


The contest involved correctly identifying, in order, the movies from which the clips played in the opening theme come from. Here they are:

  1. The Blues Brothers (1980): "106 miles to Chicago..."
  2. Jerry Maguire (1996): "I LOVE getting up in the morning! I clap my hands together and say, 'THIS is going to be a great day!"
  3. The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975): "I would like... if I may... to take you on a STRANGE journey."
  4. The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975): "I see you shiver with antici... pation."
  5. The Matrix: "I know you're out there. I can feel you now..." (edited from what actually appears in the movie)
  6. Being John Malcovich: "What happens when a man goes through his own portal? We'll see."

Thanks also to Bruce Murray from the Zedcast (O Canada!) for his opening show ID and contest entry.

AUDIO CLIP: Brother Love, about the contest, with info on how to buy his music and his own podcast, Brother Love Notes
PODSAFE: "There She Goes" - Brother Love

Very cool to hear from the artists whose music I've played. I am grateful to be able to play the music; yet they are so grateful that I'm playing it.

Additional thank yous to Tom from the Buckeye Drive Time podcast, for playing the contest promo as part of the "Ohio Moment" on BDT #44.

PROMO: Buckeye Drive Time podcast

(forgot to mention during the podcast) Thanks also to Tim Kretschmann for playing the contest promo on Stimmung Stunde 020

AUDIO CLIP: taken from Adam Curry's DSC #348, including some audio feedback from Ed from Ed's Mixed Bag, about how he found out about Laura Clapp on the Podsafe Music Network via my mentioning Matthew Ebel's High Orbit podcast, which also played her music.

PODSAFE: "Hey Hey Sister" - Laura Clapp


I want to know what you think of this podcast! What would you like me to play? I have some ideas of my own, and I'm going to continue to pursue them, but if you have something you'd like me to play, then let me know.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

JIMM 38 - The Lumbar Injection


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Hi everyone!

This show is just me talking about the lumbar injection I received today. I will be putting out a regular show later this week, in which we'll pull the winner of the contest; I just didn't feel like including these comments in that show.

I initially planned to just include me speaking, but then, one thing led to another, and I had the tracks available anyway, so I included an opening call signal, shout-out, theme, intro, background music, and outro.

The background music for the show was selected from the Ambient genre off the Podsafe Music Network (PMN).

The following tracks were used as background music:

  1. "Good Morning" - 2-RD
  2. "Beginning" - Golden Pastime
  3. "between the lines" - Drifting in Silence
  4. "Dreaming Time" - Incidental Fusion
Stay tuned later on when I put out the regular show where we'll be drawing the winner of the Theme contest!

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Thursday, March 02, 2006

JIMM 37 - NanaCast 3


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Thanks for hanging in there with me, folks. Last week was really rough, and I needed to rest my back. This week is the third installment of a NanaCast, and Keisha was really into it; sometimes very much so.

I will be drawing the winner of the signed Brother Love CD "Album of the Year" on next week's show, so please send in your contest submissions!

Identify, in order, the movies that the clips in the opening theme come from. Send me an e-mail to danimal0416 at gmail, with the word "contest" in the subject line. Also include how you found out about the contest and how you listen to the podcast (subscribe, PuPu, direct download, etc.)
A special thank you to all the artists for letting me showcase their music. Please - if you like what you've heard, click the links to the artists and let them know you heard their music on this podcast.

Special thanks also go out to Charles Hodgson for letting me use his podictionary entries; as well as to Tim and JD from Police on the Scene.

Thanks also to Ed from Ed's Mixed Bag for the clip about subscribing to the feed for this podcast. Thanks to the 501c3 cast for letting me play their promo.

Here's the breakdown of the show:
INTVW SGMNT: "Greetings"
PODSAFE(bkgd): "Pocketbook" - Derek K. Miller

PODSAFE: "Hope in My History" - Friction Bailey

PROMO: "Happy Tax Season" - 501c3 Cast

INTVW SGMNT: "Favorite Toy"
PODSAFE (bkgd): "Cold Cloth and an Ice Pack" - Derek K. Miller

PODSAFE: "Fly, fly, fly" - Adrina Thorpe

AUDIO CLIP: "bye-bye" - Podictionary

PSA: "Listener Hotline" - (206) 666-JIMM (5466)

INTVW SGMNT: "Favorite Games, pt 1"
PODSAFE (bkgd): "Movin' In The Right Direction" - Tracy Jane Comer

PODSAFE: "I Know You're There" - Matthew Ebel

AUDIO CLIP: "Top 10 Signs You're Dealing with a Dumb Criminal" - Police on the Scene with a Crime Prevention Lean

INTVW SGMNT: "Favorite Games, pt 2"
PODSAFE (bkgd): "Fresh Snow" - Derek K. Miller

PSA: Ed's Mixed Bag - subscribe to Journey Inside My Mind via the XML link

INTVW SGMNT: "Closing Remarks"
PODSAFE (bkgd): "Cloud or Smoke" - Derek K. Miller

OUTRO/WRAP-UP (bkgd): "Movin' in the Right Direction" - Tracy Jane Comer