Tuesday, September 19, 2006

JIMM 64/201 - Season Premiere, Comedy/Music

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Second season premiere! Yep, still here (for now). Please be patient as we figure out the numbering, and feel free to add your comments about it. Comedy/music mix in the last 20 minutes of the show (starting at the 26:50 mark). Recorded at the library while Jennie was homeschooling Keisha. More on the work situation - prayer needed. New domains! Status updates via Twitter.com (from the Odeo folks). Contest and so many power outages this summer!

Playlist, Part I - Intro and What's Happenin' (00:00-26:49)

CLIP: Dan, "Fake Heineken Commercial"
SONG in bkgd: Ryo Sode [PMN], "Night Life"
CLIP: Smart Bomb Radio [PMN], "Air Bud - Hostage Negotiator"
SONG: The Subways [PMN], "Rock and Roll Queen"
SONG in bkgd: The Flavor Foundation [PMN], "Ether"
SONG in bkgd: CLING [PMN], "Haunt You"
SONG in bkgd: Enzo [PMN], "Night Clubbin'"
SONG in bkgd: Denis Kitchen [PMN], "Groove IT"
SONG in bkgd: Derek K. Miller [PMN], "Burning Moon"

Playlist, Part II - Non-Stop Comedy/Music Mix (26:50-47:49)

CLIP: "Clowns"
SONG: The Shakes [PMN], "Liberty Jones"
CLIP: Cayenne Chris Conroy ("Teknikal Diffikulties" podcast), "Grim Reaper"
SONG: Beau Hall [PMN], "Never Gonna"
CLIP: "Blondestar"
SONG: slackstring [PMN], "Lend Me Your Love"
CLIP: "Painful Vowels"
SONG: Jamie Dull [PMN], "Storm"

Contest Details

Listen to the episode for the montage of 10 song endings. Guess the artists and song titles for a chance to win "Sing a Song for Safety" by Rich Palmer. Send it your contest submissions by 8 October 2006 11:59 PM Eastern time to danimal0416 [at] gmail [dot] com with the word "contest" in the subject line. Shownotes link for previous episode, containing hints!

Other Link Love (*snicker*)

Dancing with Elephants
101 Uses for Baby Wipes
Rich Palmer
Audio Gumshoe
Ed's Mixed Bag

PMN = Podsafe Music Network

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