Saturday, September 01, 2007

JIMM 091 - Get Ready to Walk

+ Fourth Annual One Voice Domestic Violence Community Awareness Walk at Sawyer Point on 9 Sep 2007


+ Plan to be there!
+ Sawyer Point, 705 E Pete Rose Way, Cincinnati, Ohio, on 9 Sep 2007
+ Money raised goes to help women and families leaving battered women's shelter to start over
+ Head over to for more information and check out the sponsors
+ Add One Voice Walk as a friend on MySpace:
+ One Voice Walk Flickr page:
+ One Voice Walk Flickr group (for you to add your pictures):
+ Follow One Voice Walk on Twitter: for updates up to, during, and after the event


+ Yourself, friends, and family, of course
+ Comfortable clothes and shoes for walking in
+ Money
++ Parking in the lot (I think it's $5)
++ Registration: $20 for adults, $10 for children
+ Picnic lunch if you want to stay for awhile afterward
+ Cameras and any other recording devices you want


+ Before registration there will be an optional worship service by the Cincinnati church of Christ
+ (Cheryl Dawson, in whose memory the walk was started, was a member)
+ Enjoy yourself, meet others, and remember why you're there
+ Take pictures, etc.


+ Post pictures up to
+ Share other content (e.g., audio, blog posts, etc.)
+ Tag everything with "" and "" so that the community can find it
+ Call the Listener Feedback line at +1 (206) 666-5466 and leave a message with your thoughts


+ Direct link to file (mp3, 30:23, 27.8 MB)
+ Play on using PlayTagger triangles or PuPu player
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+ The Journey Inside My Mind Podcast theme is "Up and Go" by Rory which can be found on the PMN (

Title (with link to iTunes, if available)Artist (with link to the artists' website, if available)Album (with link to, if available)
Rockmaninov 'Vocalise' (Burris Remix)Nils JonssonN/A
Tall TowersEthan Martuccivia PMN
RedemptionKevin Reeves and Ian Bairdvia PMN
A Sad SongRob SzaboLike A Metaphor
Every ColorMatthew Ebelvia PMN



+ Soundseeing tour of the 2005 One Voice Walk
+ Association of Music Podcasting

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