Saturday, April 29, 2006

JIMM 46 - Super Rock Mix


Stick this podcast in your ears!

Get ready for one, long mix of rock songs from the Podsafe Music Network. Here's an episode you may want to burn onto a CD to play over and over.

I've tweaked, massaged, and otherwise manipulated these 14 tracks into an hour's worth of audio entertainment. Sandwiched in between the intro and some listener feedback at the end, you'll find close to 50 minutes of non-stop music.

Here's what's in store for your ears:

1. "Torn Down" - Sophia Ramos
2. "No One Understands" - Berman
3. "Encounter" - Forever Changed (via Eastwest Records)
4. "Mercury in Retrograde" - The Reverse Engineers
5. "Remember" - Black Lab
6. "Heidi" - The Bombhappies
7. "Dynamite Lady" - the golden gods
8. "Not the Only One" - Hotrod Cadets
9. "Less Than Beautiful" - Headrush
10. "Hey Hey Sister" - Laura Clapp
11. "Long Night" - Fiasco
12. "podpeople" - munk
13. "New Day" - Nate McDonough
14. "latin groove" - a.b.e (anthems of a bygone era) (during listener feedback)

Thanks to all of you for listening and for the following listeners who sent in feedback this week:
1. Jon, aka the Official Cheesehead, from the Tanfastic Podcast
2. Ed, aka the Official Audio Commenter, from Ed's Mixed Bag, who also produced the outro
3. Mike from the iRiver and 6620 West Kidcast podcasts


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Visit the links above to find more information about the artists whose music I've played. Contact them and tell them you heard their music on this podcast.

I've created an iMix of the songs played that were available at iTunes, where, for $7.92, you can purchase the songs in one fell swoop:

Saturday, April 22, 2006

JIMM 45 - Follow My Train of Thought


A shorter episode than the last!

I share, on the way home from work, how thinking about one thing led to thinking about another thing, and so on, and so on - from some quirks about our car to a safety alert system from an old job.

By the time this episode comes out, I will have mailed the two copies of Todd Lerner's CD "If Right Now Played Guitar" to the Bruce Murray of the Zedcast and the Official Mom, both of whom were the first two people to send in audio comments for last week's episode. By the way, anyone can get a free song by Todd Lerner called "Song for Free" at

In each package was a postcard of something unique to Cincinnati: a recipe for Cincinnati chili. What got me thinking about that was The Catfish Show. They ask listeners to send postcards to them. So I sent one to Bob and Cat, and I also included one each to the packages I sent to Bruce Murray and to the Official Mom.

Also in last week's episode, I talked about what it means to be an Official of the Journey Inside My Mind, and Ed Ovett of Ed's Mixed Bag has asked and is now the Official Audio Commenter of Journey Inside My Mind. Welcome, Ed!

I'm not sure if I mention it enough on the show, but you listeners are fantastic!

Music played on this show comes from the Podsafe Music Network (PMN). Specific songs played and their PMN links are as follows:


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Sunday, April 16, 2006

JIMM 44 - The Birthday Edition


My wife Jennie joins me for this special episode, in which we discuss how we spent my 36th birthday, and some other things we're thinking about today.

By the way, at the beginning I read "On This Day I Complete My 36th Year" - a poem from Lord Byron, George Gordon. Lord Byron, unfortunately, died at the young age of 36 years old. I think I'm doing much better than he. Amen.

We play some listener feedback from Mike Chappelear, whose song "What Is This Moment" I played back in show 42, Bruce Murray and his daughter, and the Official Mom.

After a short moment we play some birthday wishes from Ed Ovett from Ed's Mixed Bag, and we played a promo for Rich Palmer's Audio Gumshoe.

We play a clip from Bruce Murray's recent Zedcast, which includes some comments I sent him along with his comments about this podcast.


"Breathe" by De La Vega; third time played on this podcast;
"Lying in Wait" by Uncrowned; theme to Scott Sigler's podcast novel INFECTION. If you're into Stephen King type horror, you've got to check this out.

PMN = Podsafe Music Network


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Sunday, April 09, 2006

JIMM 43 - Phoning It In


Hey there! Thanks for checking out the show!

The voiceovers in between the sets were done via calling the Listener Hotline or via sending an Odeo voice message. A rather interesting and different way to do the show.


ORIGINAL POEM (via Listener Hotline): "The Phone Rings" - Dan Johnson, 1987
SONG: "No One Understands" - Berman

INTRO (via Odeo)
CLIP: "Holmes in 30 seconds - Hound of the Baskervilles" - Peeper Radio Theatre
CLIP (via Listener Hotline): Converting our living room to a home theatre to watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
STATION ID (via e-mail): 6620 West Kidcast

CLIP (via Listener Hotline): Reading Harry Potter to Keisha and a pet peeve
CLIP: "cement" - podictionary
CLIP: "Gray Hairs Gone Wild" - Police on the Scene with a Crime Prevention Lean

CLIP (via Odeo): Dad's music collection and sharing Cheap Trick
SONG: "Surrender to Cheap Trick" - Planet of Women
CLIP: Call the Listener Hotline (206) 666-JIMM (5466)

CLIP (via Listener Hotline): Send audio feedback for a chance to win Todd Lerner's CD! First two people to submit audio comments, either via the Listener Hotline, via an Odeo (see website), or via e-mail as an mp3 attachment will receive a copy of "If Right Now Played Guitar". Submit audio feedback even if you're not interested in winning a CD. I'll use it for the next show which is going to be released near my birthday,4/16. Also lead up to last song, which I originally heard on Rich Palmer's podcast, now known as Audio Gumshoe.

SONG: "Like a Fool" - Sonny Combs and Kitty Kat Rodeo


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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

JIMM 42 - I Feel Like an April Fool - Belated


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Welcome back, everyone! A special hello to all the new listeners!

This episode was supposed to go out on April 1st, which is April Fool's Day. But, as I mention in the show, there were a lot of circumstances that made it necessary to postpone releasing the show until now.

As always, thanks for stopping by to check out the podcast. If you're listening by clicking on the links, consider subscribing, using the feed link. That way you'll get shows downloaded automagically whenever they become available.

Also, my birthday is coming up in a couple weeks on Easter, and I'd love to feature listener feedback, including any birthday wishes you might have. So why not click the "Send me a voice message" link or call (206) 666-JIMM and speak your peace? Or is it piece?

AUDIO CLIP: excerpt from interview with Rich Palmer at Tim Horton's recently
SONG: "Come On" - Number One Fan
AUDIO CLIP: "Income Tax Fraud" - Police on the Scene
AUDIO CLIP: "hassle" - podictionary (thanks again, Charles for letting me get the "word" out! *grin*)
SONG: "Song for Free" - Todd Lerner
PROMO: "April 6, 2006 Gig Promo" - Brother Love
PROMO: "The Love Songs" - Best of the Worst Show 5(segment)
SONG: "Babaganoush" - TV's Kyle
SONG: "Babaganoush" - Josh Woodward
SONG: "What Is This Moment" - Mike Chappelear

Other podcasts/links mentioned:
Journey Inside My Mind blog
Rich Palmer's Miami Valley Musicast
School of Podcasting's Morning Announcements
Musician's Cooler Podcast
Ed's Mixed Bag