Sunday, January 29, 2006

JIMM 33 - Play That Funky Music

Hey folks! It's a new microphone and headset and a different way to produce the podcast. Bear with me for awhile as I iron out the kinks; believe me there are some in this show. Update: I've described more technically what happened here.

Listening options:

Show breakdown:
Podcaster at work
Podcaster at work,
originally uploaded by danimal0416.

- SHOUT-OUT: Mike from 6620 West Kidcast
- New production set-up; Audacity and
PodProducer simultaneously, mistakes and
ramblings amuck!
- switching back and forth from Stereo Mix
and Microphone on Recording Control
- PODSAFE: "Factory" - Junkstar (PMN page)
- definition of "funk"
- PROMO: "Police on the Scene with a Crime
Prevention Lean
- PODSAFE: "People" - Natives of the New
(PMN page)
- So many ways to listen to podcasts
- Adam Curry CD Intro
- PROMO/SPOOF: "6620 West Kidcast -
Podfather/Godfather Parody"
- SWEEPER: Keisha-outside
- Mike from 6620 West Kidcast and the new
iRiver podcast
- Ryo Sode - thanks for playing his music
- Rich Palmer and his Home Safe 411
- Jon, the Official Cheesehead, from the
Tanfastic podcast, on how he produces his show
- Ed, from Ed's Mixed Bag, on how he
produces his podcast
- Dan called the hotline to share some msgs
found at the gas station
- Call the Listener Hotline: (206) 666 - JIMM
- PROMO/SPOOF: "Insytworks - Bland Media
- PODSAFE: "Last Toast" - Graham English (I said Fear the Monk on the show - what the heck was I thinking?) (PMN page)
- SAFETY TIP: "Stupid Criminals" - Police on the Scene with a Crime
Prevention Lean

- Don't Instant Message while Stereo Mix is on - the Windows Event sounds get recorded, too!
- PODSAFE: "Act Upon My Love" - Slau (PMN page)
- SWEEPER: Jennie-jungle
- Purchasing songs - Podsafe Music Network vs. iTunes
- SWEEPER: Keisha says, "Make it a great
day and so long for now."

PMN = Podsafe Music Network


Anonymous said...

This beats my favorite musice station!:)

Goo info, thanks.

Delete Spyware

Dan said...

Okay. Are you for real or are you a spam robot?

I'm only asking because you provided no name and gave a website link that seems unrelated to this post.


I'm going to go calm down.

Tim Kretschmann said...

Thanks for playing our show "Police on the Scene with a Crime Prevention Lean." Let us know about any listener feedback you get--we're always looking to keep the show growing and improving.

Tim Kretschmann

Graham English said...

Thanks for playing my music :)

I originally recorded this song with my band, Fear The Monk. So you were correct when you read the tags :)

Thanks again!