Saturday, July 22, 2006

JIMM 59 - Funk, Feeds, and Thievery I Say!

Lots of funk music, Juice and Feedburner don't like each other right now, and Thievery!

Did you know July is Baked Bean Month? I didn't either.

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Songs Played

"Herbie" - Wazoo [PMN] (played in bkgd)
"Funkbus" - Hookslide [PMN]
"Hook In" - blue number nine [PMN]
"So Funky It Stinks" - furious ball [PMN] (played in bkgd)
"Take Time for the Tub" - Derek K. Miller [PMN] (played in bkgd)
"Flashback" - Natives of the New Dawn [PMN]
"Car Chase Theme" - Big Money Grip [PMN] (played in bkgd)
"Driving in the 70s" - Trap Door [PMN] (played in bkgd)
"Gut Bucket" - James Brown [PMN]

Some inadvertent errors in speech or things otherwise miscommunicated during this episode:

  • blue number nine (bn9) does not list Natives of the New Dawn(NoND) among their influences, although they might consider them. I just ran out of time as I started talking about NoND.
  • I did feel like punching the thieves but would opt not to if I found out (I hope)
Chalk this up to recording the show in the wee wee hours of the morning, when I could/should have been sleeping.

Thanks to Jon from the Tanfastic podcast (also from the Stars Hollow podcast)for the show opener and to the Official Mom for the closing comments!

Make it a great week, and send in your feedback!

PMN = Podsafe Music Network

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