Wednesday, December 14, 2005

JIMM 27 - Poetry and Sickness

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00:16 PODSAFE: Dusty Hughes (PMN page) - "I Saw Three Ships"
01:50 "What happens when a man goes through his own portal? We'll see."
02:14 FEEDBACK: Official Mom says, "sometimes when I'm listening to Journey Inside My Mind, I'm READING about Journey Inside My Mind."

03:12 Feed URL is
03:35 Feed referenced at Yahoo! Podcasts and over at Podcast Alley are referring to an obsolete feed, which means that it's not showing the most current episodes.
03:59 Been sick - upper respiratory infection, viral
04:28 Meetings about Keisha
05:04 Run-down of the show, all pre-announced

06:55 PSA: Fire safety during the holidays via Home Safe 411 podcast
07:20 Intro to Keisha reading poems
07:55 PODSAFE: Brad Sucks (PMN page) - "Sick as a Dog"
11:00 SWEEPER: "Journey Inside My Mind should not be used as a floatation device."
11:05 Keisha reads "December Leaves"
12:20 HOLIDAY GREETING: Derek K. Miller - Penmachine Podcast
12:30 PODSAFE: Derek K. Miller (PMN page) - "We Three Kings"
14:20 SWEEPER: (whispered) "Journey Inside My Mind"
14:25 Keisha reads "Hanukkah Song"
16:40 PROMO: The SG Show
17:03 PSA: Call the Listener Hotline at 206 666 JIMM (206 666 5466)
17:25 PODSAFE: Murmur (PMN page) - "Instead of Goodbye"
20:45 Keisha reads "Hanukkah Rainbow"
21:40 Which of the three poems of those we've read are our favorites
22:05 Still listening?
23:20 Let the artists know you heard their music on the Journey Inside My Mind podcast
23:30 E-mail or call in song requests
24:00 Anyone can become an Official of Journey Inside My Mind, just let me know what office you'd like to hold

25:05 Next week's episode will be about Christmas Memories, so tune in for that one
25:10 PODSAFE: 3 Blind Mice (PMN page) - "Watchstar"
30:28 Keisha says, "Make it a great day, and so long for now."

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3 Blind Mice said...

Hi Dan and thank you (a) for playing Watchstar and (b) for your lovely message. We really appreciate it.