Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Snow Begins

Movie file: (mpg, 44.6 MB, 4:16)

Audio Only: (mp3, 2.93 MB, 4:16)

This video was shot an hour before I took the picture accompanying the post "That White Stuff". I downloaded it and made it into a short movie. If you're not willing to wait for the video download, I've included an audio-only file.

A corresponding file at OurMedia for the movie is -->

I was able to play the mpg file in Windows Media Player. Let me know what you think!

Song played:

"Chilled" by Marco Raaphorst, via the Podsafe Music Network


Marco Raaphorst said...

Thanks Dan for playing my track Chilled on your show!

Audio Collective said...

that was a very cool video! We got a lot of snow here also.