Saturday, July 01, 2006

JIMM 56 - By the Poolside

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Promo Plays

Did you get the newsflash earlier in the week? The JIMM promo was also played on the Daily Source Code, episode 412. I later got an email stating that and on the JAK Radio podcast.

PROMO: Ed's Mixed Bag - be sure to listen for show #40 next week
PROMO: Buckeye Drive Time

Please play the JIMM promo and download it to play on your own show or to share with someone else. The promo contains an excerpt from a Josh Woodward song called "Adventures of a Deaf Dreamer".

Expecting promo plays soon from Dancing with Elephants and 101 Uses for Baby Wipes. Dennis from 101 Uses said he'd like to interview me about our adventures with a deaf dreamer. By the way, new listeners to the show wanting to catch up on this thread of conversation should check out JIMM 50 - Acoustically Emotional.

Other News

The potential for an interview led me to get a free Skype account - so there's yet another way to contact me. No voicemail there, so you if you want to leave a message you have to use the Odeo system or the Listener Hotline: (206) 666 5466 (JIMM).

In family news, my sister Mandy had her birthday. I posted an audio birthday greeting for her to hear at the Journey Inside My Mind blog page. I noticed a comment from the Official Superblessed Blogger over there - so thanks, Ganns, for checking in!

If you'd like to be and Official of the Journey Inside My Mind, it's very easy. Just contact me with the type of Official you want to be, and if there's no one else currently in that Office, presto! You are that Official.

5 Minutes With...

Audio clip: Keisha at the Kroger grocery store
Background music: "Meltdown Man" - Derek K. Miller [PMN]

Audio clip: Jennie at the Kroger grocery store
Background music: "Pocketbook" - Derek K. Miller [PMN]

Other songs played

"Something More" - Manic Drive [PMN]

"Let's Eat" - Amy Jo Doty [PMN]

"Irony" - Farewell June [PMN]

"Can You Hear Me" - Dusty Hughes [PMN]

PMN = Podsafe Music Network

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