Wednesday, July 19, 2006

JIMM 58 Problems with Feedburner and Juice - others?

Hey everyone! I've noticed that there seems to be a problem with obtaining JIMM 58 using Juice, a popular podcast receiving software, and my Feedburner feed, which people plug into Juice. I subscribe to my own show, so that I can see what other subscribers see.

I've heard that such a problem doesn't exist in iTunes, maybe other podcatchers, too. I also noticed that the Odeo page for Journey Inside My Mind has been updated with JIMM 58, too.

So I've included the link to the show one more time here and in the link for the title of this post. Maybe the problem will work itself out. Hopefully.

Just in case, I've included the show here via an Odeo player - isn't it cute? ;)

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Rich Palmer said...

Apparently, no Feedburner feeds at all are available in Juice right now. I have about twelve shows that I've had to download manually over the past two weeks. Makes one wonder about the future of either Feedburner and/or Juice if they don't work out the impcompatibilities.

Dan said...

I, too, am having to consider using different software to get my podcasts