Saturday, June 03, 2006

JIMM 50 - Acoustically Emotional

Some acoustic music while I get emotional. Not just about this being the 50th episode of the Journey Inside My Mind podcast.

Songs played:

"Adventures of a Deaf Dreamer" - Josh Woodward
"Mother's Day Song" - Ezra Thomas
"Safe" - Amy Dalley
"The Next Chapter" - Friction Bailey

The background music that played while I spoke is "Flow on Waterford River" by Jim Fidler

I mentioned 2 Corinthians 1:3-11.

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Mandy Welker said...

Mom told me about this and let me tell you big brother this a is wonderful thing for you do do. I don't tell you that much but I want you to know that you Jennie and Keisha are so important to me. James, Alfred and myself love you. Your little sister,Mandy

Brian M. Baker said...


The music on here was really nice and mellow. My kind of music. :) I'm sorry you have to deal with all the health problems you have with Keisha. I don't wish these kinds of problems on anyone. My sister has a lot to deal with with one of her kids. Here is the website that talks about him and has some pictures.
Anyway, God bless you and your family man. I know you've all had a lot of struggles. It's nice to see from your blogs that you've managed to get through it all...with God's help of course! :) Take care.