Saturday, May 27, 2006

JIMM 49 - Kill My Pain

Hey there, new and regular listeners and friends of the show! I'm back at about 90% - still trying to shake this clogged right ear. I hope you all have a safe Memorial Day holiday, or, if you're outside the United States, a great weekend (*wink*)!


AUDIO CLIP: Emily from Lane Bryant dedicates a hard rock song to her husband Jason and her stepson
SONG: "Kill Your Pain" - Sophia Ramos, off her album "Her Majesty"

LISTENER FEEDBACK: Ed says he was a little surprised that I released that podcast spoof earlier in the week.

AUDIO CLIP: Josh Woodward introduces his new song from his album, Only Whispering
SONG: "Goodbye to Spring" - Josh Woodward
SONG: "Title and Registration" - Death Cab for Cutie, off their album "transatlanticism"

SONG: "007" - Charlie Crowe
AUDIO CLIPS: "She sure was brave"; "Ear piercing and a hip-hop dedication"
SONG: "Passin' Through" - Natives of the New Dawn, off their album "Need Something"

By the way, check out the video of Natives of the New Dawn performing "People" live at St. Andrews Hall last November.


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