Wednesday, June 21, 2006

JIMM 54 - Keisha's Newborn Bear

On Thursday, June 15, 2006, after her keyboarding lesson, Keisha, who is 8 years old, went to the Big Top Bears store in Northgate Mall and built a bear with her own money. This episode of Journey Inside My Mind is a bit of a soundseeing tour of her experience.

You'll hear Jennie and I guiding her as she decides which animal to get, along with what accessories, if any, she was going to buy. If you listen in the background, you'll hear Jennie working something out behind the scenes for something in the future.

Other than playing them, I completely forgot to mention the two promos on the show:
Get Well Sawyer - an uncle's request to encourage his sick nephew
Dancing with Elephants - another family podcast, based out of Chicago, Illinois

Songs played:

"Smoothie King" - Smallfish [PMN]
"TV Theme" - lastchancelance [PMN]
"Que Sarod Sarod" - James Lileks
"Deep Cycle Discharge" - Derek K. Miller featuring Simon James [PMN]
"Dance Too" - Tim Jennens [PMN]
"Hiilawe" - Kaimoku [PMN]
"Kalakaua Avenue" - Kaimoku [PMN]

Thanks to all these musicians for letting me play their music. Please contact them to say you heard it on this podcast.

Keisha's Newborn Bear Angel
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PMN = Podsafe Music Network
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for playing the Sawyer promo! - Howard