Friday, June 16, 2006

JIMM 53 - Double Shotz

Double shots of podsafe music - stick this in your ear!

Songs played (including links to buy music where applicable):

Sophia Ramos [PMN] - "Esperanza"
Sophia Ramos [PMN] - "Stay Here With You"

De La Vega [PMN] - "All Lies"
De La Vega [PMN] - "Wait Too Long"

3 Blind Mice [PMN} - "Emily Has Compassion Fatigue"
3 Blind Mice [PMN} - "Your Face Is Not Enough"

Head over to Ed's Mixed Bag for a chance to win a copy of Sophia Ramos's CD Her Majesty and other cool prizes in his Mystery Sound contest!

Welcome the Official Pictonian of Journey Inside My Mind, Bruce Murray from The Zedcast. Bruce shares some very interesting stories on his show, whether running the NYC marathon, going to the dentist, or sharing about the town of Picto, Nova Scotia, where he and his family live.

I also mentioned another blog of mine, which contains only quotations. Check out QuotesBlog if you feel so inclined.
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PMN = Podsafe Music Network

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