Sunday, June 25, 2006

JIMM 55 - Somebody Wake Up, Learn to Fly, and be Flexible

Hey there folks! This week is a semi-live show with Jennie and a sleepy, hungry Keisha. Answering machine message, sign language class, obsessive-compulsive behavior, Keisha's Newborn Bear recap, and a "short" dream from Keisha.

If you could ask Jennie, Keisha, or me one question, what would it be? If you have a microphone connected to your computer, send me a voice message. Or if you just want to use your phone, call (206) 666-5466 (JIMM) and ask your question that way. I'll answer your questions on a future podcast.

Songs played:

"Somebody" - American Heartbreak [PMN], [buy the American Heartbreak CD from Amazon]

"Wake Up" - Butterfly Catchers [PMN]

"Learn to Fly" - Josh Woodward [PMN], [hear more Josh Woodward on the Only Whispering CD from CD Baby]

"Flexible" - Derek Sivers [PMN]
Derek is better known as the man who invented CD Baby, the online store where you can buy music from independent artists such as those played on this podcast

Background music while we were talking:

"Vegas Hard Rock Shuffle" - Charlie Crowe [PMN]

"Silver" - Jim Farley [PMN]

"Romany Dance Gitano Flamenco" - hellozero [PMN]

"Honolulu Shuffle" - Kaimoku [PMN]

PMN = Podsafe Music Network

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Technical Comments

I initially recorded this show using Pod Producer and Audacity, but the songs and tracks that were played sounded terrible. I did some post-production work on the show, inserting the actual tracks by hand and tweaking the voiceover. I later decided to add some music in the background as we all spoke. None of this is mentioned during the show, though.

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