Tuesday, April 04, 2006

JIMM 42 - I Feel Like an April Fool - Belated

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Welcome back, everyone! A special hello to all the new listeners!

This episode was supposed to go out on April 1st, which is April Fool's Day. But, as I mention in the show, there were a lot of circumstances that made it necessary to postpone releasing the show until now.

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AUDIO CLIP: excerpt from interview with Rich Palmer at Tim Horton's recently
SONG: "Come On" - Number One Fan
AUDIO CLIP: "Income Tax Fraud" - Police on the Scene
AUDIO CLIP: "hassle" - podictionary (thanks again, Charles for letting me get the "word" out! *grin*)
SONG: "Song for Free" - Todd Lerner
PROMO: "April 6, 2006 Gig Promo" - Brother Love
PROMO: "The Love Songs" - Best of the Worst Show 5(segment)
SONG: "Babaganoush" - TV's Kyle
SONG: "Babaganoush" - Josh Woodward
SONG: "What Is This Moment" - Mike Chappelear

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1 comment:

TV's Kyle said...

Hi Dan! Thanks for the play! The reason both Josh Woodward and I had songs called Babaganoush was because we originally wrote them for www.songfight.org, a website on which they present song titles and musicians record a song by that title and record it in a week.

-TV's Kyle