Saturday, April 22, 2006

JIMM 45 - Follow My Train of Thought

A shorter episode than the last!

I share, on the way home from work, how thinking about one thing led to thinking about another thing, and so on, and so on - from some quirks about our car to a safety alert system from an old job.

By the time this episode comes out, I will have mailed the two copies of Todd Lerner's CD "If Right Now Played Guitar" to the Bruce Murray of the Zedcast and the Official Mom, both of whom were the first two people to send in audio comments for last week's episode. By the way, anyone can get a free song by Todd Lerner called "Song for Free" at

In each package was a postcard of something unique to Cincinnati: a recipe for Cincinnati chili. What got me thinking about that was The Catfish Show. They ask listeners to send postcards to them. So I sent one to Bob and Cat, and I also included one each to the packages I sent to Bruce Murray and to the Official Mom.

Also in last week's episode, I talked about what it means to be an Official of the Journey Inside My Mind, and Ed Ovett of Ed's Mixed Bag has asked and is now the Official Audio Commenter of Journey Inside My Mind. Welcome, Ed!

I'm not sure if I mention it enough on the show, but you listeners are fantastic!

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