Wednesday, March 08, 2006

JIMM 38 - The Lumbar Injection

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Hi everyone!

This show is just me talking about the lumbar injection I received today. I will be putting out a regular show later this week, in which we'll pull the winner of the contest; I just didn't feel like including these comments in that show.

I initially planned to just include me speaking, but then, one thing led to another, and I had the tracks available anyway, so I included an opening call signal, shout-out, theme, intro, background music, and outro.

The background music for the show was selected from the Ambient genre off the Podsafe Music Network (PMN).

The following tracks were used as background music:

  1. "Good Morning" - 2-RD
  2. "Beginning" - Golden Pastime
  3. "between the lines" - Drifting in Silence
  4. "Dreaming Time" - Incidental Fusion
Stay tuned later on when I put out the regular show where we'll be drawing the winner of the Theme contest!

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