Friday, January 13, 2006

JIMM 31 - I Feel It Too

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Songs played:

PODSAFE: "Fruitless" - Clumsy (PMN page)
PODSAFE: "Take Time for Da Tub" - Derek K. Miller (PMN page)
PODSAFE: "Last Night" - Stingray (PMN page)
PODSAFE: "Silent Treatment" - P.W. Fenton and the Second Ward (PMN page)
PODSAFE: "I Feel It Too" - The Hipnotics (PMN page)

During the introduction we were interrupted by "Mr. Bluesman", who came to sing a "Happy Blog Birthday" song, to celebrate that I've been blogging for 4 whole years. We're very, very sorry that you had to hear that.

We spent some time swimming around the mailbag, and we mentioned the following podcasts that have helped provide exposure to Journey Inside My Mind:

I also mentioned some of the artists who've been sending me e-mails to get their music played. Requests are good!

Please keep me and my family in your thoughts and prayers, if you're so inclined.

Also, please check out the main Journey Inside My Mind blog for updates throughout the week, including podcast-related updates.

Update: want to hear some more blues music?
PMN = Podsafe Music Network


Rich said...

Hey! I provided some exposure to your show, too! :(
Your promo was played on Episode 8 - Set to Numb:

And! I just played your voice message feedback on Episode 19.

Thanks for the show and the music...

Miami Valley Musicast

Dan said...

DOH! I totally blew it, Rich! I don't know what I was thinking.

I even said I was going to talk about the Doug Hart Band episode on that 'cast, and I forgot that, too.

I'll have to make up for it on the next show. (makes note to self)