Wednesday, February 01, 2006

JIMM 34 - Love those Earworms!

What?! A midweek episode? Yes, that's right. These songs are stuck in my head, and I just had to podcast to share them with you.

Listening options:

Show breakdown

- JIMM Sweeper FG Choc
- Theme
- "Waiting" - Taxi Doll (PMN page)
- Kidcast station ID
- "Shine" - Kevin Reeves (PMN page)
- Ultimatemix Podcast Promo - Peter Long
- That extra Bloglines subscription might be mine - check out the website for a section called "Podcasts In My Ears"
- Listener Feedback
- Jennie's phone message to Dan
- Police on the Scene feedback
- Dan's weird dream
- Listener Feedback Line (206) 666-JIMM
- Ed's Mixed Bag - subscribe to the JIMM Podcast feed
- "Mercurial Girl" - Fluid (Buy the CD or download from iTunes)

PMN = Podsafe Music Network

1 comment:

EwO said...

Hi Dan;
Show #34 sounded very good, even with the "stereo mix" and "mic" thing. (Try using the AGC for the sound level). Are you really selling "subway" sandwiches?

Ed Ovett
Ed's Mixed Bag