Friday, September 16, 2005

JIMM 14 - Let's Rock

Mood: recovering
Listening to: JIMM 14 - Let's Rock!
Reading: His Needs, Her Needs by Willard F. Harley, Jr.
Eating: Tim Horton's Turkey Club sandwich, coffee, and donut

Journey Inside My Mind podcast 14 (22.3 MB, 24:22) is a show where I wanted the music to do the talking. I've been feeling a little under the weather, and you can hear it in my voice. Also, instead of the usual techno/trance/electronica intro, I opted for some instrumental rock.

I really appreciate the work that the folks over at Podshow are doing.

In this podcast I share a couple of messages my 8-year old daughter Keisha left me when she called my work.

Songs played:

  1. Andrwe Kesler - "Ice 9"
  2. De La Vega - Wait Too Long
  3. Accident Hash Hurricane Relief PSA
  4. The Reverse Engineers - Sunshine with the Shade
  5. Hotrod Cadets - Not the Only One (second time played on this podcast!)
  6. Dave's Lounge Promo
As always thanks go out to the folks who help make this possible:
  • Audacity, a bit unstable at times, but it gets the job done. Just remember to save early and often!
  • podsafe music network
  • and their partnership with the Internet Archive
  • Anyone else I may have left out
Please call the Listener Hotline (206-666-JIMM), leave me a comment (guidepost), or send me an e-mail to let me know what you think!

0919 Update:Uh oh. It appears that the song I used for the background to the opening of this show might not be podsafe after all. According to Andrwe Kesler's page at the Podsafe Music Network, it's a Joe Satriani song called "Ice 9". Darn. I might need to remove this show or redo it.

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