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JIMM 13 - Jazzmania

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Listening to: JIMM 13 - Jazzmania!

In Journey Inside My Mind show 13 (41:45, 38.2 MB) I chronicle the evolution of my love for jazz music. Before getting into the detailed show notes, let me remind you that the JIMM Listener Hotline is now open! Call (206) 666-5466 and leave me a voice message with your thoughts about the podcast.

Here's what happened on this journey inside my mind:

The Evolution of my Jazzmania

  • The backup music used as I spoke was KCentric - "Woo Who"
  • Replayed "Permission" segment from show 4 - Romantic Movements. Special notes about that piece:
  • Then we heard the complete version of the Marriott Jazz Quintet - "On the First Day"

  • After playing this song, I felt a little bad for not playing more! That song is off their album Septology! In other words, you're only hearing a small sample of the great jazz music from the Marriott Jazz Quintet. I think I mistakenly referred to them as a "quartet" a couple of times in the podcast (sorry about that, guys!).

    You can find out more about the band at their website,, where you can also buy their music! Check out Red Raspus: Music in Seattle, Dave Marriott's personal weblog, for more information about the Seattle music scene.

  • During sophomore year of high school, fellow band member turned me onto 91.7 WVXU Cincinnati
  • WVXU had special programs related to a particular type of jazz music: big band, blues, bebop, swing, dixieland
  • I heard about the Blue Wisp Big Band, which performs at the Blue Wisp Jazz Club in Cincinnati and listened to their albums, dreaming about sitting in with the band
  • Really into saxophone, jazz music - played in the short-lived jazz band, improv solo
  • Band field trip on BB Riverboats to hear the dixieland jazz band
  • The Jazzmania
    • Started writing "sax appeal" on my notebooks, and even on my senior t-shirt
    • We had FBLA - Future Business Leaders of America; why not FJMA - Future Jazz Men of America?

  • Evan Tate - "Round One"
  • Larry Seyer - "Conscious Restraint"
  • Junior English research paper on Miles Davis
    • Official Miles Davis website
    • Miles Davis - Wikipedia entry, biographical article chronicling the man and his music
    • Wikiquote has collection of quotations by or about Miles Davis
    • link for "We Want Miles", my all-time favorite album, in case someone wants to get it for me (hint, hint)
    • At a time when I had been painfully insecure, his devil-may-care attitude was like a drink of cold water - refreshing
    • All things Miles - immersion - his persona, his music, his attitude - I wanted to imitate Miles
    • Research topic presentations. Initial one, I bombed - not really prepared. Final one - success!
      • Toy trumpet, back to the audience to get their attention
      • Taught them about the opening riff to "So What" from "Kind of Blue" and what it meant to jazz music at the time
      • Demonstrated it by playing my saxophone in front of the whole class
      • The boldness is what impressed everyone - quite a change - I got an A+

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20 September 2005 Update: I was just browsing through the archives, and I found a post about Miles Davis. Check out Paving the Milestones from January 2003.

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