Thursday, February 09, 2006

JIMM 35 - What A Ride!

Hello there! This podcast was the second try after a very poor attempt earlier this week. The audio comment I make at the end of the show refers to this podcast, and the one for next week. Think about what genre I've hardly played on this podcast, and you'll have an idea what's going to be on it. In the meantime...

... oh yeah. There are a few glitches (not as many as before, I think), along with a couple of "Subway" burps. They came as a result of drinking the "brown and bubbly".

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Show breakdown:

- AUDIO COMMENT: Official Mom about life's journey
- AUDIO CLIP: "Jury Duty Scam" - Police on the Scene with a Crime Prevention Lean
- SWEEPER: JIMM (whisper)
- PODSAFE: "It Won't Hurt" - bill (PMN page)
- PROMO: "Mr. Nice Guy Show"
- SWEEPER: JIMM - floatation device
- Happy belated birthday to Marv
- Buy "Birthday Suit" CD from bill at
- Let me know what you think of the Police on the Scene clips

- PROMO: "CD Release Party" - Matthew Ebel
- If you go to the party, let Matthew know you heard about it on this podcast!
- PODSAFE: "Sally Went Down" - Matthew Ebel (PMN page)
- Check out Matthew Ebel's podcast "High Orbit"
- PROMO: "Home Spa Goddess Show"
- HSG was recently interviewed on podcast411
- SWEEPER: Keisha outside
- PODSAFE: "The Engineer's Thumb" - Peeper Radio Theatre (PMN page)

- AUDIO CLIP: Keisha ENT appt
- PODSAFE (used as background during audio clip): "Grrroove v3" - Marco Raaphorst (PMN page)

- PSA: Ed's Mixed Bag wants you to subscribe to this podcast

- AUDIO COMMENT: Jon, the Official Cheesehead, from the Tanfastic podcast, with a story of a mishap at the gas station

- PODSAFE (played during this segment): "White Bread" - Makers, as indicated by ID3 tag (actually by Liquid Floor) (PMN page)

- E-Mail roundup:
- Fear the Monk- Graham English
- Peter Long from the Ultimatemix podcast said thanks for playing his promo. I wish I had something to send him.

- Highway photos in Flickr collection - filmmaker wants to use - CC license

- Karen, the Official Goof, celebrated her birthday last week.

- Bloglines blogroll - Podcasts in My Ears - incorrect links - Bloglines knows about the problem but isn't working on it right now

- Many ways you can leave feedback:

-- Email: danimal0416 at gmail
-- Leave a comment directly on this website
- PSA: Call the 24-hour Listener Hotline at 206 666-JIMM

- Now you can also record some audio feedback via
- AUDIO COMMENT from Odeo website

- OUTRO and ending

PMN = Podsafe Music Network

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Dan said...

Hmm... those blue triangles I mentioned are not showing up. Oh well, I guess you'll need to listen some other way. How about subscribing to the feed? :)

Matthew Ebel said...


Thanks for playing my stuff on the show, and for playing the CD release promo, too!

I just wanted to let you know that I just released a brand new single to the Podsafe Music Network. It's called "I Know You're There" and you can find it at:

In case you didn't know this about the CD release show, every podcast listener who shows up will get a free prize, and every podcaster who can get a listener to the party will receive an advance copy of the entire concert recording- with permission to play any or all of it on their podcast!

I hope you dig the new tune, and I hope to see some of your listeners at my release party!


Dan said...

It looks like the blue triangles are there now, but why use them when you've got the player on the site already? I may want to remove the triangle functionality altogether.