Friday, November 04, 2005

Podcast Promo introducing Dayton-based Band 'Murmur'

Hey everyone! I just uploaded a new promo for the Journey Inside My Mind Podcast: mp3

In it I share about finding a band from Dayton called Murmur whose music I got permission to play on the podcast after sending them an e-mail.

They weren't listed on the Podsafe Music Network, so I suggested that they upload some of their music so that other podcasters could play it, which they did.

11/5/2005 Update: The promo has generated some discussion at I got an e-mail from Rich Palmer, who does the Miami Valley Musicast, where he features bands from the Cincinnati and Dayton area. He's going to play my promo on his podcast soon, and he sent me the link to his promo, so that I can play it on mine, too.

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