Wednesday, October 19, 2005

JIMM 19 - Insert Title Here

I couldn't think of a good title for this podcast (mp3 - 34:28, 23.6 MB), so I just settled with something generic. Here are the specifics:

  • Tanfastic Podcast Thanks to Jon from the Tanfastic Podcast, as well as Jennie and Keisha, for the opening shout-outs!
  • Griddle Griddle - "Hit Parade" PMN link
  • Jennie, Keisha, and Jake - Joking Around
  • Jennie - Getting Cable, Finally
  • Brother Love Brother Love - "Push" PMN link
  • The Electric Sky Podcast With Wilma currently threatening the Gulf Coast, I shared a reminder from Mark at Electric Sky to support the Red Cross Hurricane Relief fund. It's been a wild hurricane season, and our help is still needed. Please give what you can - the need is real.
  • The Bombhappies The Bombhappies - "Heidi" PMN link
  • Dan and Keisha - MHS Football game
  • De La Vega De La Vega - "Let it Burn" PMN link
  • Dan and Keisha - When Bad Can Be Good
  • The Audio Collective Podcast Promo for the Audio Collective podcast
  • Audiopharm Background music for audio feedback was Audiopharm - "The Groove (instrumental)" PMN link

A lot of thanks go out to these wonderful artists for sharing their music. Let them know you heard about them on the Journey Inside My Mind podcast! Call the Listener Hotline with your feedback: (206) 666-5466.

PMN = Podsafe Music Network

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Audio Collective said...

thanks for playing our promo! like the podcast.