Monday, May 19, 2008

JIMM 107 - Online Typewriter Kitchen Talk


Some talk about online identities, spelling words with a typewriter, and how to cook food faster in the kitchen. Great indie music as usual. Shownotes with archived episodes at


00:08 Daniel Johnson, Jr. - Longest Journey Quote
00:20 Association of Music Podcasting Bumper
00:33 JIMM Theme (Rory, "Up and Go")
01:28 De La Vega (Ivy League), "Breathe"
07:09 Beau Hall, "No Sleep Funk" (used as background throughout the episode)
09:48 JIMM Sweeper - Domains
10:12 Listener Hotline: +1-(206)-666-JIMM (5466)
10:38 Listener Feedback
10:43 Beau Hall, "No Sleep Funk" (bkgd)
15:41 Lovespirals, "Walk Away (Sunburn In Cyprus Remix)"
21:00 Podcamp Ohio Promo #1
22:03 Beau Hall, "No Sleep Funk" (bkgd)
27:28 Podcamp Ohio Promo #2
29:33 DJ Eric Ill - JIMM Shout-Out
29:38 Keisha and Jennie segment, bkgd music:
DJ Eric Ill and SEO, "Give It Up"
37Hz, "Just Beats"
MoShang, "Dragonbeat"
45:19 Beau Hall, "No Sleep Funk" (bkgd)
47:10 Make It A Great Day!

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Music from the Podsafe Music Network (PMN) and other places.

CleanUp! utility that Jennie and I talked about.

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