Sunday, February 18, 2007

JIMM 80 - Valentine's Day 1993


Cincinnati has become Crystal City, thanks to some freezing rain and snow. Custom, updated, iTunes-ready RSS feed (No need to change your subscription, thanks to the FeedBurner folks.). Also, the story of a special Valentine's Day 1993. And some music, of course.

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Music from the Podsafe Music Network (PMN) and other places.

Title (with link to iTunes, if available)Artist (with link to the artists' website, if available)Album (with link to, if available)
Winter in OhioJustin Gordonvia PMN
Love Is On Your SideLazoBrown Bag Lunch (Amazon)
A Girlfriend SongThe Yellowvia PMN
First Date (excerpt)Danko JonesSleep Is the Enemy (Amazon)
Ain't No SecretBilly JonesTha' Bluez (Amazon)

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